What’s New with Cellphone Cameras?

4 min readJun 28, 2021

Mobile telephones have progressed a long way from their humble beginnings as the analog “bricks” of the 80’s as technology has offered increasingly more complex features and options. Once no more than just a phone, now the average new cellphone has more on-board processing power than the combined computing power used to land men on the moon. Miniaturization, modern programming, and constantly improving technology driven on by a hungry market means that the cellphones of today are not just a phone, or even an organizer, but instead, they are a centralized multimedia platform. They offer many of the same advanced features as a PDA (Personal Digital Assistants), like Bluetooth, flash card compatibility, radio, and fully featured integrated digital cameras. Much like the cameras found on PDAs, the digital photography offered by multimedia phones is brilliant, these days you can even shot a video with just a smart phone not to forget the photos we take with friends at opportune moments. The advantage of having an integrated cell-camera is that as a phone is something that people tend to always carry with them, they will always have a camera handy.


If high quality digital photography is what you’re after, then you’re better off buying a camera, But I have seen high quality videos produced by just a smart phone. While camera technology is getting there for things like PDAs and mobiles, the range of advanced options for a cell phone camera can be translate to the standard set of features for a digital camera. A comparison of some prominent models on the market today follows, giving consideration to the cost, feature set, and level of quality offered by each device.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G smartphone runs on the powerful Snapdragon 865+ processor with a slim but mighty 3,300mAh battery, it has 8G of user memory available, expandable with 256GB of storage which gives you speed and deftness in a deceptively compact form. This Galaxy Z Flip 5G smartphone is experienced with completely reimagined compact engineering and revolutionary folding glass technology. From your Palm to the Pocket. Easy to fold and hold. it features high-definition 4K video capture and wide-angle perspectives, the camera lets you shoot, stream & connect hands-free from new angles with amped-up night shots.

Samsung Galaxy Z

When we look at these smartphones, lets mention OnePlus 8 because of its reasonable price,​ it’s a 5G Android Smartphone (U.S Version) has 8GB user memory and expandable up to 128GB Storage with a 90Hz Fluid ,16,6 cm / 6.55” AMOLED Screen — for an impressive multimedia experience, instant touch-response, more speed and a fascinating clarity display, Triple Camera and has Alexa Built-in.

When we look more into details about its Ultra Clear Triple Camera — 48MP main camera, 16MP ultra-wide angle, 2MP macro and 16MP front camera, Nightscape 2.0, Studio Lightning, Super slow motion up to 460 FPS, RAW image and AI Scene Detection. Impressive.

Oneplus 8

The Nokia C1 Plus | Android 10 is a competitive entry on this list, featuring a fairly rich feature set by comparison to the other examples. However, it has only 32G on-board memory, expandable via a Multimedia Card flash card. Take streaming, browsing and gaming to the next level with 5.45 inches of HD+ clarity. digital camera supports a very wide range of image formats, as well as two modes of video in low or medium resolution and Snap photos that shine with the front and rear cameras plus powerful front-facing flash. this phone serious bang for the buck.

Nokia C1 Plus

If we compare each of these to a digital camera, it is easy to see why they are not a good choice if you intend to focus on photography. The Nikon D7500 Camera Kit. It features a 18–55 mm VR Lens with new stepper motor provides fast focus allowing you to create crisp photos even in challenging situations. Built in WI-FI | 20.9MP CMOS Sensor | EXPEED 5 Image Processor and Full HD 1080P Video Recording at 30 FPS | Snap Bridge with Bluetooth Connectivity which permits wireless transferring of photos and videos plus remote control over camera from linked mobile devices. Heavily customizable setup, optional automatic lighting conditions compensation, a tripod mount point, full motion video recorded at effective resolution.

Nikon D7500 Camera Kit

This is an elite, professional grade camera, and it out performs every camera phone listed above.

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